Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yard sale in Ajijic

This fantastic clay mask was 500 pesos. Well worth that price. But I have no room for it and it is too big to take to Portland. My suitcase is already full of gifts. I don't even have enough room for my clothes in it.
I loved this large carved wooden cross but it too was much too large for my suitcase and I have no room in my place. I guess that is a good thing about living in such a small space. It keeps me from adding clutter to it.

This was my favorite thing at the sale. Beautiful butterflies encased in glass. Unfortunately, someone else had already spoken for it. It was only 100 pesos.....


  1. It sounds as if you follow a corollary of the Escape rule -- I purchase nothing unless I can get it and everything else I own in Mexico into my Escape in one hour. It is a liberating life.

  2. Oh how sad to see real butterflies stuck between glass :( Whah for the butterflies although it's pretty I couldn't get past this aspect of looking at It all the time! Pam in OR

  3. HI Pam, Well maybe it is best that I didn't get it. Your friend, p