Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Artist Victor Romero

Victor Romero painted the still life in the photo below. . His wife, Isela is also an excellent painter. Their studio is on Javier Mina. It is 4 or 5 doors down from the corner of the carratera on the west side of the street. You can look inside and see them painting. They also give art classes.
Unfortunately I only took one photo of Victor so It isn't very clear. But I am putting it on anyway.

I love this painting. It is my favorite piece of art work in my house. Well, not counting the embroidery that was done in the mid 1700s.....
There is a small embroidery next to the painting. That one doesn't have a date or name on it. 

Victor Romero at work. I would have taken a couple of photos just in case the first one didn't turn out but I didn't want to interrupt his work for so long. So this is all you get. 

Chico and I took a walk to the restaurant

Coffee man. He brings it from Veracruz once a month.

This man sells fresh coconut juice or entire coconuts. 

Art Studio

The butcher shop, always Popular with the local dogs.

Coffee shop in the Ajijic Plaza

Restaurant in the plaza

Tepetate Pian Thai Restaurant Ajijic

I went to lunch with my friend Jan to my favorite Thai restaurant. Here are some photos of their place and their food. It is on Hidalgo 31, open 12-9. Closed Sundays.

The couple sitting next to us.

Jan and I were sitting by the front door and it was one in the afternoon. All the children were walking past on their way home from school. That was fun to watch. Chico enjoyed it too.

Sunset by my house

Yesterday evening I took Chico out and for the first time since I have moved here, I saw a sunset. That is one thing I really miss at my house. Okay, it is better to have a kitchen. But a sunset is nice too. All I have had to do for the past two years is walk outside and up the street a little ways. From my back yard I missed the fireworks and had no idea there were still beautiful sunsets out there. I feel so stupid for not just walking out with Chico and enjoying them. The big brick house on the corner is right next door to my little one. I think it is four apartments, Always rented. I bet they get great sunsets from their upstairs apartments. But I always end my complaining by these words, BUT MY RENT IS CHEAP..... that is very important to me.... Here are the photos.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Homemade Pozole

About once a week in my neighborhood, someone is selling a delicious homemade meal. Today it was pozole. I bring my own container and say how much I want. This cost 30 pesos, ( a little over a dollar and a half) . It is maybe three nice big bowls of it. Included with it is a plastic bag of cabbage to put on top and cut up onions and a bag of hot sauce.I most likely will skip the hot sauce. Tomorrow the same woman will be making Menudo.  Sometimes she makes other Mexican dishes. But I love the pozole. Guess I will go have some now. 

Morning thoughts

I was hoping that we were coming to the end of the rainy season but I was wrong. Another rain storm just came through. But it didn't last very long and now everything has been cleaned and watered. All the Independence Day celebrations are over and the town is quiet for now. I wrote several articles about the celebrations on  I didn't make it to everything that was happening. I coudn't be in two places at once. So I missed the blessing of the horses at the church and the horse parade and I don't know what else. During a holiday it would be impossible to keep up with all the events that happen for days at a time.

I am starting to think about Christmas. I hope I won't have to be in this apartment during those two weeks. Last year there were so many parties all around me that I couldn't sleep at all. I may try going to Amatlan de Canas. As soon as the rainy season is over I will take an exploratory trip up there. It is only about three hours outside of Guadalajara. It is a small mountain town with only 3,000 residents. I got out my Spanish for Idiots book and am FINALLY, after all these years, starting to study it. I expect very few people up there will speak English. 

I look at the news everyday and it gets me so depressed that I don't want to write about my own uneventful life after all the disasters that have been happening to people all around the world. Right now the earthquake in Mexico City is dominating the news here. What a tragedy. We didn't feel it at all.  Maybe I should quit looking at the news and try to live in a little shell, unaffected by the rest of the world. Living here would be like that if I didn't look at world news.  For now, It is very peaceful here. And when it isn't peaceful it is filled with celebrations. What's not to like? Except for worrying about the rest of the world, the natural disasters and ones created by people.

Anyway, the rain has stopped. I hear a bird outside singing and music coming from someone's radio. I love the mornings here when my window is open. My landlord stands up on his balcony smoking his cigarette and people walking down the hill on the street yell up to him and maybe have a small conversation with him as they walk. So if I get to work and study this book, one day I may know what they are saying. It doesn't matter much. What they are really saying is what people say in all cultures and languages, just acknowledging each other and wishing them well. That is a great way to start out a day no matter where you live. So this morning I wish you well and that you enjoy your day.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Golf Cart Ride

Me and Chico and Nacho. What a fun time. They love riding in the golf cart. Me too. Thank you Steve.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Rebozo Parade in Ajijic part 2

Some of the crowd, waiting for the parade to start.

A few of the women on the stage. They went up in groups and people clapped for their favorite and that was the winner of each age group.

Still waiting in the line.

It was getting dark by the time they paraded around the gazebo so the photos I took then are very blurry.

The Mariachis were coming in to play at the end of the parade.

Two little girls on the stage.

Finally the mariachis got on the stage to play but I was very tired by then and hungry. So I went with my friends for some tacos.

The stand was set up on the street. What fun. Again, I LOVE MEXICO.....