Monday, September 18, 2017

The Rebozo Parade in Ajijic part 2

Some of the crowd, waiting for the parade to start.

A few of the women on the stage. They went up in groups and people clapped for their favorite and that was the winner of each age group.

Still waiting in the line.

It was getting dark by the time they paraded around the gazebo so the photos I took then are very blurry.

The Mariachis were coming in to play at the end of the parade.

Two little girls on the stage.

Finally the mariachis got on the stage to play but I was very tired by then and hungry. So I went with my friends for some tacos.

The stand was set up on the street. What fun. Again, I LOVE MEXICO.....


  1. A great day should always end with tacos! Love the pictures, and those colours!

    1. Hi Peter. Good to hear from you. I agree completely. But I must remember to avoid the hot onions, soaked in hot sauce. P