Wednesday, September 6, 2017

More Ajijic Wednesday Market photos

It finally stopped raining for awhile this morning and I was able to take a walk down to the Wednesday market with Chico. I know this is a special time for him and I enjoy it too. I bought too many vegetables to carry comfortably back up the hill. I had to stop many times. But it is nice to have a frig full of fresh things to eat. As I was leaving, I saw a new stand and although I had already bought too many vegetables, she was selling entire bags of different ones for just ten pesos. Although I bought these last, I am putting these two photos on first so you can see what she had just for ten pesos a bag. I couldn't resist it.

I know I won't be able to eat all of those bananas or carrots or small tomatoes but I can't pass up a bargain. I regreted buying them by the time I got half way up the hill to my house. 

Above is my favorite outdoor stand. I buy shrimp tortillas there several times a week.

It was so nice to be out in the sunshine. Haven't seen much lately. Just rain and overcast days.

This food stand was just setting up. I went early today to avoid the crowds.

I love these Huichol Indian beaded necklaces. 

The last photo was at the top of the hill, the beginning of the market. I liked that wall hanging. The stall below it is selling fresh coconut.


  1. I always enjoy your photos of the market. They give me a preview of what is coming for us this fall!

  2. Beautiful colors, what a pretty place.

  3. It's great to have so many choices of fresh vegetables. So healthy. I guess you've learned all different ways to prepare them. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Donna, Good to hear from you. It is sunny this morning..... Wonderful to see it. P