Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sunset by my house

Yesterday evening I took Chico out and for the first time since I have moved here, I saw a sunset. That is one thing I really miss at my house. Okay, it is better to have a kitchen. But a sunset is nice too. All I have had to do for the past two years is walk outside and up the street a little ways. From my back yard I missed the fireworks and had no idea there were still beautiful sunsets out there. I feel so stupid for not just walking out with Chico and enjoying them. The big brick house on the corner is right next door to my little one. I think it is four apartments, Always rented. I bet they get great sunsets from their upstairs apartments. But I always end my complaining by these words, BUT MY RENT IS CHEAP..... that is very important to me.... Here are the photos.

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