Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Artist Victor Romero

Victor Romero painted the still life in the photo below. . His wife, Isela is also an excellent painter. Their studio is on Javier Mina. It is 4 or 5 doors down from the corner of the carratera on the west side of the street. You can look inside and see them painting. They also give art classes.
Unfortunately I only took one photo of Victor so It isn't very clear. But I am putting it on anyway.

I love this painting. It is my favorite piece of art work in my house. Well, not counting the embroidery that was done in the mid 1700s.....
There is a small embroidery next to the painting. That one doesn't have a date or name on it. 

Victor Romero at work. I would have taken a couple of photos just in case the first one didn't turn out but I didn't want to interrupt his work for so long. So this is all you get. 


  1. That's our painting in the background!

    1. Hi Judy, so he did more than one. I wonder how many he did just like that. Or is yours painted by someone else? P

  2. Hi Patricia- I'm researching a painting titled Birds of Paradise by a Victor Romero. Do you have any contact information for the artist? Thank you so much! EA

  3. (1) is there a place to view his work on the web? (2) how can I reach Mr Romero to purchase his work?

  4. The only information I have is in my post. Sorry. I don't know anything else. P