Friday, October 6, 2017

Old Photos of Ajijic Displayed in the Ajijic Plaza

Today I took a walk with Chico to the plaza. I took a lot of photos so I am going to divide them up a bit. They have a display in the plaza now of Ajijic in the past. I didn't see when they were taken. All I got were photos of the photos. 

I am also adding some photos of the plaza as it is now. Thought it would be an interesting contrast because some of these photos on display were taken where the plaza is located now.

Looks like some things haven't changed much. This boy is taking a rest from selling vegetables. 

I took this from inside the coffee shop. Outside is a woman at a stand selling carpets and there is a mirror on the wall inside making it look like two women selling the carpets.

Chico makes a friend. Or maybe not. When his ears go back like that, it means he is not happy.

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