Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hotel El Tapatio in Guadalajara

Sunrise seen from the garden at El Tapatio Hotel.

Sunset from the hotel. I spent several days looking for a nice and inexpensive hotel in Guadalajara. I wanted to make it special for my family. This is the place! I highly recommend it. It is a very short taxi ride to the airport and not far from Tlaquepaque. It is situated up on a hill and there are beautiful views all around. The e mail address is Telephone 38-37-29-29 or in Mexico 01-800-36-1800. http;// I can't say enough about this place. All the employees are very friendly and helpful. It is relaxing to be there. Our rooms were only 65 dollars each.... I will go there often now that I know about it. What a treasure. I was finally able to get my photos on my computer. Hopefully, within the next day or so I will get a slide show together and put it on You Tube.

Back Home Again

My family has returned to the States and I am back to my little Casita. I took almost eight hundred photos of Guadalajara. I was planning on making another slide show for You Tube of them. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, they won't download onto my computer. So I have no photos! What a shame. But it was a wonderful visit with my family. The little problems are unimportant. I will just have to make another trip to Guadalajara and take more photos, after I figure out why these won't download. Happy New Year to everyone.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chapala on a Busy Holiday Week end

Morning sunrise from the home where I am staying with my family.

We went into Chapala and walked by the water. We also shopped again. Lots of shopping! Tomorrow we are going into Guadalajara to do more shopping. I won't take my computer. I will take my camera. Sometime next week I will get back online and put on photos of Guadalajara. HAPPY NEW YEAR.....

Sunrise over Lake Chapala

I took these photos from the house where we are staying. I sleep on the couch in the living room and this is what I see when I wake up in the morning. It is a great way to start the day.

A Day with My Family in Ajijic

My daughter-in-law. She is eating roasted garbanzo beans from the market.

The two photos above were taken at a day spa. My son got a hair cut. Part of my family disappeared into the back room for a pedicure. After an hour I went looking for them. I found them both in the back room getting head and foot massages, two pretty young women doing each of them. The above little girl was wandering around selling tangerines. I asked her if I could take her picture and she agreed. After I took it she stuck out her hand, demanding that I pay her for it....She will probably grow up to be a great business woman. She is very serious and determined as you can see from this photo. A smile from her probably would have been an extra charge.

The table at the coffee shop in Ajijic. It is filled with coffee beans. They have wonderful desserts.
It is near the plaza.

We had a great day, shopping and personal care and then coffee and music.