Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chico and I visit with Lois and Four Girl Dogs

I think Lois was starting to feel kind of overwhelmed by all those dogs. They were getting wild, moving so quickly that all I could photograph was blurs.   Chico has finally gotten comfortable with her girl dogs, especially the one who likes him so much. Gigi is her name.
Chico and Gigi, making friends.

Another Crowded Wednesday Market in Ajijic

This begging dog is at the market every week.
This baker quickly sells out.
this little girl was dancing for me.
More dancing.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Morning Thoughts

It is Sunday morning and the sun hasn't come up yet. I have been waking up early these days. Chico is still sleeping on the bed. He looks up at me with irritation when I walk past the bed. Don't bother me, his eyes are saying. I love that little dog. Strange how much hold a dog can have over my heart.

I have sometimes thought of moving to a different place. Maybe a different country, or city or even a different casita in this same town but my love for Chico keeps me living here. After all, he belongs to my landlord, not me.   We share custody and he would never give Chico away to me. So, I stay here.

Surprising that such a small dog can have this much power over my life choices. I have had several conversations with single men here about single women and their dogs. They complain about the women caring more about their dogs than the men in their lives.

But men come and go. Dogs stay. Dogs love us unconditionally. I think I have mentioned this old joke: Put your lover and your dog in the trunk of your car and come back in an hour. Let them out and notice which one is glad to see you.....  Maybe that isn't a very good test of love, stuffing someone in the trunk of your car with your dog. Don't think I would do that. If I had a car. If I had a lover. But in the past when I had both, I certainly might have thought about it. Or worse. Love can take many twists and turns.

Sunday morning. Chico sleeping on the bed. Dark outside. Maybe I should go back to sleep for a little while. Happy Sunday to anyone reading this post.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chapala Plaza

Friday Veracruz Fish at The American Legion

I have been going into Chapala on Fridays for the American Legion Fish Veracruz special. It costs 65 pesos and is delicious.