Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Lake


  1. Hi Patricia,
    I am so appreciating your blog about living in Lake Chapala area. I'm strategizing about moving there for retirement in about 3-4 yrs from now when I can afford to retire. I am so drawn to moving there don't quite know why. I just decided to start thinking seriously about where I can afford to ever retire and live on my measly pension. I googled top retirement places in the world for US retirement communities and Lake Chapala came up. I have to live where the US dollar will go far and no income taxes which left really very few places in the US that I would care to live when Lake Chapala MX came up as a #1 place for US expats to retire. Every day I go online to search for real estate, and if it's really safe to live there. I love your blog, and that you are from Portland OR. This is where I'm living now. I moved to Portland OR in 1996 from Massachusetts to follow my kids out here as a single divorcee. Never thought I'd stay single but single I still am. So tell me is the lake really as lovely as it looks or is it really polluted and smelly at all. Do you feel safe living in the area your are in as single retired woman? What do you think about housing prices in three years from now? Just curious as to what you have experienced in regards to my questions. Any input would be so appreciated. Please email me back if you wish to at would love to hear your feedback since living there for so long now.
    Cheers, Pam (which my name is Patricia too :)

    1. HI Pam, Thanks for commenting. I love the lake. It is not smelly, okay maybe in spots, but mostly it is beautiful. I feel safe living there but I don't walk the streets at night. Yes, housing prices go up all the time. Housing is expensive there. Check out you can do video walk through of houses for sale and for rent and I have written many articles on that site. I use my middle name, Evelyn on it. P