Friday, January 11, 2013

From the Guadalajara Reporter, Pedro's Death

Peter Morse Moir, one of Lakeside’s most colorful characters, died on January 8 at the age of 67. Born September 7, 1945, in Middleton, Nova Scotia, Moir had a long and successful career as a criminal lawyer and retired to Mexico about 12 years ago.
A victim of Alzheimer’s disease, and often known as “Pedro Loco,” he was well known in Ajijic for his flamboyant and unconventional mode of dress and a favorite companion, his donkey. His image showed up in advertisements and billboards publicizing businesses in the area and he was a familiar part of many local parades and festivities. He made friends wherever he went.
Moir is pre-deceased by his twin sister, Elizabeth Susan, and survived by his son, Kyle James Moir, grandchildren Olivia, William and Colt, his sister Janet and brother Jim. He was married twice, both times to women named Patricia.
His son will hold a celebration in honor of “a life well lived.” Watch for more details.

Below are a few photos that I took in September of 2009  

 He was a wonderful man........


  1. So sorry to see this. He was young!
    I hope Vino Blanco has another good home.

    Karen in VA

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks for writing. Yes, Vino Blanco now belongs to Yves' Restaurant so she still spends her time on the beach. p

  2. Hi,Pat.

    Good morning.

    It's sad to hear that Pedro is gone from this earth. Life is way too short to not to live by moment......

    Take care, keep on having best time that you can.


    1. Hi Min, Thank you for your comment. It is always nice to hear from you. You inspire me. P