Sunday, January 6, 2013

Morning Thoughts

I am starting to come back to life again. I am not a sitting around kind of person and that has been driving me nuts. Even Chico seems to be getting bored with this routine. I want to thank everyone who wrote to me with encouraging words. That meant so much to me. I didn't know that people cared that much for me. I am such a loner and so that outpouring of love and support surprised me.

My neck and throat still hurt but luckily I have pain pills. I have nothing but good things to write about the doctor, the hospital and the nurses. I had the surgery at a very small hospital in Guadalajara. I don't have the name if it handy. It ended up costing me almost a thousand dollars less than I was quoted. That was a very good thing. I may have been able to have had this surgery through IMSS (for free) which is the Mexican health insurance but I didn't want to take a chance on it. I preferred to just pay for the surgery myself. I am glad I did that. I do keep IMSS but just for major medical emergencies.

This last operation was my third one here in Mexico. I had a torn and twisted meniscus when I first came here several years ago which I had operated on in Guadalajara. I had the broken ankle which I also had operated on in Guadalajara and now the thyroid removal. All of those operations were successful. I also paid for them myself. The total cost of these surgeries is probably less than a co pay on any medical insurance I could have been paying for monthly. I have medicare but I don't pay for the extra monthly charge. Since I don't live in the States I see no point in that.

I am glad to be feeling better today. I think I will take a walk with Chico.


  1. So glad to see you are up to taking a walk with Chico! Just don't overdo it. Rest, and I'm sure Chico will happily stay by your side.
    Best wishes,
    Karen in VA

    1. Thank you Karen, It is so good to have emotional support. And yes, Chico is following me from the casita to the yard and back to the casita again. I am trying not to get too impatient and do too much but it is difficult for me... P

  2. Everything is working out for your good and God's glory!

  3. Patricia,

    I'm so glad your surgery went well. I think you have a lot of emotional fortitude to come through this experience, which has to be scary, all by yourself without family present. Your friends and Chico must be a blessing. Get well soon!

    Lynn in Oregon

    1. Thank you Lynn, My emotional fortitude is running kind of thin at the moment. I appreciate your good wishes. P

  4. Hi,Pat.

    Sorry, I missed your post about you are having a health problem.....

    Glad that you are feeling much better, though.

    Take care, hugs...


  5. Hey Pat ..........Great news !!!!!!!!!

    Yes take it easy and don't overdo it

    Look forward to your pics when you are up and about again

    Take care

    1. thank you Collette. Hope all is well with you. P