Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Message from Al and Lulu

AL FARIA has left a new comment on your post "Al and Lulu":

(Hola Pat,
It was finally nice to run in to you!!! I just want to clarify your info, you mixed us up with someone else, because that is not our facebook page and we still do have a blog and it can be found by copy and paste; which is Lulu and AL's Great Adventure. And Lulu's music web page is .We will keep in touch and maybe get together when we return.)

I don't know how I did that. For months I had been writing to another couple too, thinking they were all just one couple. Every once in a while I would get something that didn't make sense but I ignored it.

 One question asked was, Where is a good, inexpensive place to stay while visiting Ajijic? Then a few days later, I got the message that they had parked their trailer out at Roca Azul trailer park. I thought, Why would they want to know about a motel when they had a trailer?

I get so many e mails from strangers that I just passed it off as yet another thing in my life that didn't make any sense. Maybe they bought a trailer in three days?  But my thoughts didn't go any further as I went on with my own life.   So sorry Lulu and Al that I confused you two with two other people. Have a great trip to the beach.

The other couple are Al and Eddy (Or Lalo).  I stupidly thought that Lalo was a another way to spell Lulu......  Crazy me.  

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