Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Local Bus Ride

I have to remember to remind myself not to ride the local bus shortly after one in the afternoon or six in the evening. That is when the school children take it home. There are two sessions. One session ends at one and the other ends at six. Yesterday, I forgot and got on the bus at one thirty. It was so crowded that people were crammed into the aisle all the way down the steps and hanging out the front door, which had to be left open.  The little boy in front of me was enraged. I took this photo before it got so crowded and he started his tantrum. He screamed and cried all the way to Ajijic. What an uncomfortable ride. I kept thinking I would just get off and walk the rest of the way but I managed to stay until my own stop came up. Never again......
I felt just like that little screaming boy. I don't like enclosed, crowded places.

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