Friday, August 8, 2014

Morning Thoughts---Electricity Problems

The clouds yesterday
last night's sunset, seen from my deck.
For three nights in a row we had no electricity. There was a rain storm at night and it immediately went out and was out all night and part of the mornings. So no water either. It was extremely irritating and made me wonder why it went out with almost every rain. There must be a better way to fix the problem. But of course, that probably means a large outlay of money to put in new equipment. If you ever are looking for a place in my neighborhood, Lower La Floresta, keep this in mind......

Otherwise it has been a good few days for me. I have managed to make it to the spa three times a week. It is easier when I wake up and have no way to make coffee or turn on the water to wash up. I just walk up to Salvador's, have breakfast, and take the bus to the spa.

One morning when I was having breakfast I met a woman who lived near the second largest lake in Mexico. I don't remember the name of it at the moment but it is not far from Veracruz. At one time I thought about visiting it to see if it would be better than here. Maybe less expensive. She said it was difficult because there were only five other expats living there and the rental prices were even higher than here. She likes it here much better because now she has a social life.

I wish I could have taken a photo of her and her parrot. I had my camera but no battery in it. She takes him with her when she goes out because he loves people. Chico was afraid of him. This is such an interesting place. No electricity. No problem. Just go to the local restaurant and meet a new friend and her parrot. 

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