Friday, August 29, 2014

Future Meeting at Walter Mitty's Restaurant in Lake Oswego

I called Walter Mitty's today and reserved the private room for us on the sixth of Sept. at three in the afternoon. This is just a get together for people who want to talk about Ajijic. We had it twice last year and there was a nice group of people. I hope, if you are interested in Ajijic, that you will join us on this day.   The address is: 11830 Kerr Parkway, Lake Oswego, OR.  Also, if you can't make the meeting and you want to meet with me before I return to Mexico, please e mail me.   I go home on the 12th of Sept. Maybe I will see you in Ajijic if not here?


  1. I've missed the last few years ... but would love to connect with all your blog-friends this year. I hope this is a big party ... for your big birthday! yay! Gayle

  2. Hi Gayle, Looking forward to seeing you there. Your friend, p