Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Morning Thoughts from Portland

I haven't been writing much on my blog lately. Being in a new environment is so all encompassing that I forget about it. I am enjoying being with my family and Portland friends. I am looking forward to the meeting at Walter Mitty's this coming Saturday. I have heard from a few people already, friends from here and Ajijic. I have met them here and then in Ajijic and then here again. It is fun. Our friendships seem to have transcended PLACE.  Now they are based on mutual affection, like family, and they could exist anywhere in the world. I value those friendships!

My friend Donna is taking me to see her home this afternoon. She has a garden. She brought me the sweetest tomatoes I have ever tasted. Black ones. I made tomato soup with a couple of them. Made with a V-8 juice base. I have also been eating sweet corn here. I can't get this kind of corn in Mexico.

My son and daughter-in-law took a week cruise to Alaska and I dog sat. They asked me to go with them. I have never been on a cruise but I was afraid I would eat too much. I preferred to stay here and walk to the pool in the mornings. I guess I am getting old and my desire to explore has greatly weakened. I am happy to just be old and sit on the porch on a rocking chair and watch the world go by. Well not quite but that is my excuse for not traveling around anymore. I just love my home, my tree house, my friends and my animals. I love my daily routines. I am already missing Mexico.

I remember when my mother was a little older than I am now, she would say, "Well, that is the last time I am doing that."  After many of her experiences. I didn't like to hear those words. But my mother was a very practical, realistic and rational woman. She could face reality directly. She never understood her dreamer daughter. I never understood her practicality. But I am beginning to see the value in her logical point of view. Acceptance of reality is a real gift. Sometimes I think it is more important than wealth, love, health or many other things we so highly value. Because without an ability to see reality and the truth of our lives, we lose all those things. We cannot hold onto them because we can't see what is actually happening. Denial can help us through hard times but if we do not let it go at some point, we lose everything.

I don't know why I wrote about that. I guess it has been on my mind lately because of some family issues in Arkansas. Many loses because of people living in denial. Sooner or later reality must be faced.  Okay, no more negative stuff. I am glad to be with my family and friends and I will not worry about the future. I will treasure each day and each person in my life.


  1. Wise Comment Patricia.

    I don't think it's negative. Everyone is afraid to let go of our illusions, but if we do, it makes room for a beautiful serenity about life, to sometimes be able to just accept the way things are, then you can see how precious it is.


  2. Hi Jane, Thank you for your thoughtful and wise comment. p

  3. Funny you write about this topic Pat! I discovered after not being with my Aunt for over 40 years now, that I grew up very disillusioned and was faced with many realities during this recent visit to see her in Maine. I am a very realistic outspoken person, so was very dumbfounded to learn the disillusions I have held all these years about my family! I will tell you though it was profound for me and I'm grateful for having the opportunity to experience the truth! I live in truth and always have so my eyes were opened to the lies I grew up with and it explained so much! I'm 62 and it's never too late to have your eyes opened! Pam in OR

    1. Hi Pam, Thanks for commenting. I would like to visit with you again before I leave. Please send me an e mail: