Thursday, September 4, 2014

Please join me Friday and Saturday night to listen to my son play

If you are in Portland, I hope you will come and listen to my son, David Valdez, play jazz with his group this Friday and Saturday. Friday night at eight he plays at the Camellia Lounge. It is located at 510 NW 11th Ave, downtown Portland. Saturday night at Wine Up on Williams in Portland. I don't have that address. It starts at eight pm. It is going to be fun. Please come. It will be fun.


  1. Hey, I can do the North Williams gig on's near my neighborhood & should be fun. Is THIS your birthday celebration? If so ... I'll bring a cake?! Gayle

    1. Hi Gayle, NO don't bring a cake. The establishment won't want that. I don't need a cake. Come on Saturday to the meeting. You will meet some more people there. p