Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Portland Japanese Garden

The open bus takes people up to the garden.
This is the entrance to the gardens.

These are sculptures, not real birds.


  1. I love the Japanese Garden - so contemplative and quiet! Glad that your daughter-in-law is taking you around town. The Chinese Garden is lovely too.

    1. Hi Donna, Maybe on my next visit I can see the Chinese garden. Thanks for commenting. p

  2. You sure are here at prime time weather wise! This time of year around here is what makes it all worthwhile, and how lovely that you are able to get around to all the tourist sites to see. Japanese Gardens looks the same as it did in 1996 when I moved here! But I can't wait to leave! I was thinking about it this morning how excited I am to retire in just roughly another year from now! Sorting it all out is half the journey to making it! I now understand the excitement over retirement which wasn't comprehendible to me at one time, just a few years ago in fact! Now I'm elated to make it happen! Can't wait for this next adventure either will it be Lakeside, or Ensenada or Washington! Those are my final choices I've decided. Pam retirement bound from OR!

  3. Hi Pam, Washington???? I thought you hated the rainy weather! p

  4. I hate the rainy weather is right but I love our summers here and the NW Pacific coastline is gorgeous! If we'd of had time I'd of taken you to the coast to enjoy it before you head back to Mexico. I would only be in Washington during the summers and would live in Mexico in the Winter months was my thinking....LOL! pam in OR