Saturday, September 13, 2014

Heart of the Forest by Carlos Valdez

I am back in Mexico now. Exhausted but glad to be home again. Olive, the kitty, wouldn't let me sleep last night because she had to get in as much loving as possible. She was at my head, purring and kneading my neck from one a.m. until four a.m. I feel guilty for leaving her so long. I guess she thought I was never coming back.

I inherited my ex husband's computer art work and this time I brought all the disks home with me. I didn't have the courage to look at any of them until now, a year after his suicide. These are very dark drawings. But there is still hope if you look closely enough. I believe that he was a mystic.  A disillusioned mystic.

This drawing is the lightest one I have found so far. They have over 6000 pixels and I couldn't get them onto my site. But finally I managed to cut down the pixels. I know that makes the work not as detailed or interesting but it is the only way I could put them on and I really want to share his work with the world. (Carlos, if there is life on the other side and if you are at all interested in this, please forgive me for butchering them but was either that or nothing at all.)

What I am thinking of doing is putting one on before every Morning Thoughts. It would become a marriage of both our creative efforts and, I hope, a better marriage than the one we had in real life. (I miss you Carlos Valdez!)


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    1. Thank you for commenting. I am glad I decided to look at these again and put them out for people to see. p

  2. Thank you for sharing these! Gorgeous messages in this artwork! I agree with you that your ex-husband was a mystic in reality. Artist draw what they feel spiritually, at least this is what I believe as I've witnessed my son who is an amazing artist! I think he is so amazing because he has awarenesses that most people don't which is why he is so talented as an artist.

  3. Thank you. I hope your son doesn't have all the problems that my ex had. p

  4. Patricia, there are several spiritual paths and teachers who believe that when it is time for the spirit to leave the body, the way it happens is not important. It was simply time for them to transition to the other side. I'm so sorry that your ex-husband struggled here and was so unhappy and I'm sorry for the pain his death caused you. I appreciate that you are posting his art on your blog--it truly is mystical and magical. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for your comforting words. I do not blame him for taking his life but I miss him. p