Saturday, August 16, 2014

Morning at the San Juan Cosala Hot Springs Spa

As you can see from the photos, there were very few people at the spa. I have learned that in order to have room to swim laps I have to get there at the time it opens, nine a.m.  By ten thirty it is usually too crowed to do the laps. It now costs 210 pesos for an adult and 105 for a child. If you have a DIF card or LCS card you will get a little off. Or you can buy a twenty ticket card for 2100 pesos. Not good on holidays or weekends and it expires in four months. That is what I do. But it still isn't cheap.


  1. Wow that is expensive but when you think it lasts for 4 months and most likely I wouldn't want to go there when it's so crowded on weekends and holidays anyway. I think it's a great value for 4 months if you went 3 times a week. Cause that breaks down to $40./mo it's only about $3.50 a day if you go 12 times in 4 weeks, that's pretty darn cheap! It's a lot up front but if you think about what you are getting it's really not expensive at all :) A place like that in the US would be way more expensive and not nearly as nice!

    1. You figured it wrong. It is only for 20 tickets and that is 105 pesos a ticket which is eight American dollars a VISIT... That is not cheap in my book.... p