Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Village in the Sun and House in the Sun

I just finished reading Village in the Sun. What an interesting book. It was written over sixty years ago. The author's pen name is Dane Chandos. His real name was Nigel Millett and he had a co author named Peter Lilley. Together they built a house by the lake in San Antonio and they wrote Village in the Sun while staying in the Old Posada. The book was first published in 1945. After Nigel died of tuberculosis, Peter Lilley and Anthony Stansfeld wrote House in the Sun which was published in 1949. I haven't read that one yet but I will look for it in the LCS library next time I go there.

It is so interesting to see how different it was here sixty years ago. Ajijic was hard to get to with four bridges between Chapala and here and often they were washed out. People usually came here from Chapala by boat. Ajijic was a very small community. I was interviewing the new owners of the Old Posada Restaurant and the woman showed me some photos of Nigel and his father. I read online that Nigel lived in the Old Posada before it was made into a hotel. Here are a couple of photos of Nigel that she had.  Nigel was also friends with Neil James. I bet there were a lot of writers and other artists here at that time. There still are....

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Since these two books were written, many more books have been published about this area but I believe Village in the Sun is excellent. It is well written and insightful. I loved it. If you would like to know more about this subject, check out: Three authors in the sun

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