Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lunch with Friends at the Hot Rod Cafe

The Hot Rod restaurant is a small place that has recently opened up next to the old movie theater. The food is delicious and very inexpensive. Massive quantities. My friends Trevor and Shelley are housesitters. They are very reliable. You can reach them by e mail: Shelleyarmstrong@live.com


  1. Wow! the portions are impressive! I like nice big lunches, so the evening meal can just be a smoothie later at home. No need to heat up the kitchen or have a big cleanup!

    1. Hi Pat, Thanks for commenting. There is enough food in one meal to make three meals for me. I hope they will be able to stay in business. There are so many restaurants here. Lots of competition. P

    2. Exactly where is the restaurant located? Looks Yummy and enough for lunch and dinner for me.

    3. Hi Jeanne, Thank you for commenting. It is in the plaza on the carretera next to Revolution st. If you walk up the stairs you will see it at the end of the room. p