Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Wednesday Market in Ajijic



  1. Everytime you post pictures of the market I study each one deciding what I'd buy. : ) I know when I'm actually there I'll have to be very, very careful the first time, and not just buy everything I see. But in this one I'd love one of the shawls, and the purse/bag. Of course if I had a way to cook it I'd want some of the fish, too!

    And that young woman in the purple dress with pink flowers in her hair is gorgeous.


  2. hi Barbara, Thanks for writing. When I first came here, I filled my frig with so much food that I had to throw away half of it by the next Weds. I was just so excited that I could afford so much delicious fruits and veggies. Now I am more careful. P

  3. Hola, Sra. Walker,
    The market looks very nice! What are your favorite things to buy there? How is Chico? We have been studying weather expressions in Spanish. What is the weather like in Mexico now?
    Muchas gracias,
    Mrs. H's class (2nd group)

  4. Hola Sra. H's class. Thank you for writing and looking at my photos. I love to buy the fresh fruits at the market. Chico is doing great. He likes to sit on my lap all the time. The weather here now is cloudy but warm. Muchas Gracias, Sra. Walker

  5. Hola Sra. Walker,
    Now we are learning about "la casa." Can you write about your house, and we will write about it in Spanish?
    Mrs. H's class (1st group)

  6. Dear Mrs. H's Class. My casa is called a casita, which means little house. Many houses here also have casitas. They are usually for the maids or visitors. My casita has only three rooms. It has a bedroom, an office, a living room/kitchen combination and a bathroom. I took photos of my casita. They are on the newest blog post. I love my casita. It also had a nice yard. Chico loves it too. Thank you for writing to me. Patricia

  7. I'm so looking forward to strolling around the market and I, too, will have to be careful not to buy everything I want!! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!! Donna/PDX

  8. hi Donna, Thanks for writing. I think we all go a little crazy at the market when we first come here. Let me know when you come and maybe we can meet for coffee. P