Monday, February 6, 2012

Photos of My Casita for Mrs. H's Class

My Door
My Yard
My Living room/Bedroom/kitchen
My Office

My Bathroom
There are lots of things to write about in these photos. As you can see, I live in a very small casita. Have fun writing about it.


  1. What a great sport you are, Patricia! The students will be thriled to write about your "casita" in Spanish. We'll post our description!

    Mrs. H

  2. Sounds like fun..... I am looking forward to reading what they write about my simple casita. Too bad Chico wasn't in one of the photos. P

  3. Hi Donna, Thank you. It isn't much but it is HOME. P

  4. HOME is where your heart is - nothing else matters!

  5. Hi Donna, Thank you for writing. So true..... P

  6. In your house do you have a microwave?
    We like your casa. Es bonita! Do you have friends in Mexico? We really like the garden patio. You decorated your house really well! How old is Chico?

    Mrs. H's class (2nd group)

  7. hi Mrs. H's class, Thank you for writing to me. Yes, I have a microwave and a small two burner stove top. I like my garden too. I spend a lot of time in it. Chico is six years old now. Thank you for the compliment on my decorating. Patricia

  8. Hi Patricia,
    Here are the descriptions from one of my Spanish, of course! I will type them exactly as the students wrote, but I couldn't get the accents in. (in the order of the pictures)
    1. Su casa es amarilla. Tiene barras gris en la ventana. Me gusta la casa.
    2.Me gusta el patio y el jardin. Es muy bonito. Hay una fuente que es bonita. !Su patio es maravilloso!
    3. La sala/dormitorio/cocina es muy creativo. El suelo es de color cafe. La alfombra es bonita. Me gusta la alfombra. La cama es blanca. Hay el refrigerador y el microondas.
    4. Me gusta la mesa y la lampara. Me gusta su lampara y su sillon.
    5. El inodoro es azul. Me gusta el lavabo bonito. Me gustan los azulejos bonitos.

    Thanks for sharing your casita with us. It was much more interesting for the students to have a "real" Mexican house to write about!
    Mrs. H's class (2nd group)

  9. Hola Mrs. H's class, I am putting your comments on the next post on my blog. Thank you. Patricia