Sunday, September 25, 2011

House Sitting Again

I am house sitting just down the street from my casita. It is nice because I can walk over there and take Chico for a walk along with this dog. They are friends, except when one of them gets jealous.  This is a beautiful home. They have a pool but it is too cold for me. I love the tiles on the bottom of the pool. Also I took photos of the view from the mirador and of the cat. I will be here for two weeks. Not bad. Not bad. I love my life. My friend from San Blas is coming here for a few days. She lives in San Blas and it is very hot there now, almost a hundred degrees. The weather here has been perfect.


  1. You said "I love my life" - you should. Nice pace, beautiful weather, and you seem to have lots of friendly folks around. Enjoy your two week vacation away from home!

  2. HI Pat, Thank you for writing. It was nice until today..... Patricia