Friday, September 23, 2011

Lunch at the Secret Garden and Last Night's Sunset

Yesterday I walked to town and had lunch at the Secret Garden. They have delicious food, mostly vegetarian. Pedro, the owner, gave me four more small wooden boxes for my interior decoration. Initially he gave me all the ones that I have in my new office, twenty boxes.

He was having a sale of craft items yesterday.  At one time he had a craft store here. I bought some things,  whistles for the children and a few other little statues.  I picked up several things that weren't priced. They were on the table with all the other priced objects. I showed them to Pedro's wife. With each one she said, I am not sure I want to sell that.   At first I was irritated with her. Then I remembered that I do the same thing when I have a sale. As soon as someone likes something, I want to back out of the sale.  Aren't people funny?
My office
My kitchen


  1. Hi - So glad you included pictures of the Secret Garden. We ate there twice last summer. Pedro and his wife were so nice and so interesting. My husband had long conversations - political conversations with Pedro both times. Food was great and just a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.
    Take care.
    Pat Y.

  2. HI Pat, Thank you for your comment. Yes, Pedro and his wife are very nice and the food is delicious. I love the atmosphere too. Patricia

  3. Hola amiga! Hey, your office looks fantastic! What a smart move on your part to change out that room. It's raining in Portland today, after a full week of humid mid-eighties. Adios to summer here...

    On another note, I've been sending lots of emails but not getting any replies. Are you getting them? Maybe it's my computer... Gayle

  4. HI Gayle, Thanks, glad you like my decorating. The price was right. NO I have not been getting your e mails... Please try again. P

  5. I just tried again. Check your spam/junk file if it doesn't come thru..