Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I took a day trip to Mazamitla yesterday. It was perfect weather and the scenery was spectacular. I really enjoyed getting out of town for the day. Mazamitla is one of the Magic Towns. It is about an hour and a half outside of Ajijic. It is 7500 feet high.
Pine trees are in the Mazamitla area
Main Plaza
Cabins for rent


  1. Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful Mexican town!

    Karen in VA

  2. Hi Karen, Thank you for writing. Yes, it is a beautiful, clean mountain town. I hope to make it to other magic towns around here... Patricia

  3. Hi, did you go by car, or does a bus go there? Also, I never heard of the "magic" this something the Mexicans call them?

    Pat Y.

  4. HI Pat, You can get there by bus but you have to go out of Jocotopec and it is a bit difficult. I haven't been by bus. The Magic Towns are towns in Mexico that have special interest for cultural or other reasons. The federal government gives them money to make the towns beautiful and help preserve them. There are 36 of them that I know about. There is at least one in every state. You can find out about them online. Patricia

  5. A great resource is "Magical Towns of Mexico", available here in the Portland Or library - and I'm sure in a host of other cities. It lists all the decreed "Magical" towns in Mexico. They are on my bucket list of things to see/do -and why not. As Patricia shows, they are very, very wonderful places, muy tranquil.

    Gayle (Gaby) in PDX

  6. Hi Gayle, How are you? Thank you for writing and for that information. I just finished an article on Mazamitla for Check it out. When are you coming down again? Your friend, Patricia