Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doing Some Different Things Today

I have become such a creature of habit. So today was a real treat. First off, I had a hot chocolate at a new restaurant in the Plaza in Ajijic. There are a couple of tables that overlook the plaza. It is sun to watch all the action from there. Although the plaza was very quiet this morning. I found an interesting room below the restaurant that is covered with beautiful murals I had never before seen this room. I took some photos of the murals. Then I met a friend of a friend from San Blas. We had breakfast on the plaza and then went out to the Hot Springs. It was a very relaxing day. I took the dog with me to the Plaza. And again in the evening I took him up to the Koffee kitchen on the Carretera. I ordered a piece of their apple pie and then realized I had no money with me. They said it was okay. I could pay another time. It is nice to be known in the neighborhood. Makes me feel like I am home.  
View from the upstairs restaurant

center piece at upstairs restaurant
The Plaza

Painting from the Erotic Art Show that is going on in the plaza art center

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