Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mornings at the LCS Garden

For the past couple of days Chico and I have been walking along the shore to LCS. I met a nice woman who came here for a hip replacement.  She has no health insurance in the States and it costs one third of what it costs up there for this operation. She is staying in a Bed and Breakfast across the street from LCS. She can walk over to the pond and sit there in the sunshine. Not a bad way to heal.

Her situation reminded me of those three months of not being able to walk after my broken ankle. She was seemed to be doing well.  We had a lot in common. I sat and talked with her for a long time. Chico enjoyed being near the pond too. At one point I thought he was going to jump in after the fish but thankfully he didn't. He just watched them.
Dragon Fly


  1. Ajijic is certainly a lovely place to recuperate after surgery. But it is a shame that an American citizen will spend less money on the operation, flight and housing in Mexico than they would in the U.S. to get the same procedure. Too bad our politicians don't pay closer/more concerned attention to what the citizenry needs and wants.
    Pat Y.

  2. Hi Pat, I agree with you a hundred percent on this issue..... My friend had a torn meniscus and the operation cost 45,000 in the States. Fortunately, her insurance paid for it. I had the same operation here for 2,000 dollars and I paid for it. Something is wrong with this picture. Patricia