Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Birthday Today

I am 67 years old today. My friends are having a small birthday dinner for me this evening at their house. Last year at this time I was in Portland with my family. This is the longest stretch of time I have stayed in Mexico. One year.  I have lost all desire to visit the States except to see my family and I would prefer for them to come here to see me. When I visit with them in Portland they are always busy, working and doing errands. When they come here, they are on vacation. They have time to relax and enjoy themselves. Life in the States is stressful for people, especially working people.

Birthdays are good times, like New Year's Day, to evaluate the past and look towards the future. My ankle is so much better and I can walk but now my lower back hurts when I walk. This getting old sometimes is difficult. After years of working and worrying about money, I am finally free of that world and now my body is beginning to betray me. Since moving here over four years ago, I have had an operation on my torn meniscus. I have fractured my wrist by sliding across my lawn. I have broken my ankle and had that operation. All these problems flare up from time to time, reminding me that I am no longer young.

The other night I had a dream that I had two beautiful rattan couches that I put out in the middle of a busy intersection for people to sit on when they got tired. Most of the people enjoyed having them there but a few were destructive to the couches. I questioned why I put my couches out for strangers to use if they were going to be intentionally destroyed.  When I woke up I thought about the dream and saw it as a metaphor of my blog. I put myself out for anyone in the world to see. Only two times have I received negative responses but I am so sensitive to criticism that those two responses weighed heavily on my mind.

I have always been a very private person, an introvert, an observer. The invisible one.  Sometimes I wonder why I do this blog and put myself into a vulnerable position. It is totally against my nature. But then I remember all the wonderful people I have met through this blog and all the comments from readers. So, I continue doing it. The couches will remain in the busy intersection for now. Thank you all for being part of my life in one way or another.......


  1. happy birthday, pat. here's the song i always send to my friends for their birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, Patricia. Hope you have a wonderful day! We will be in Ajijic 9/29 thru 10/13 and it would be fun to see you again. We haven't been in Ajijic for 2 years!

  3. Happy Birthday, Patricia! I hope you have a wonderful day!
    I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and have enjoyed keeping up with it. It is always nice to see your pictures and to hear what your daily life is like.
    I, too, may become a 'transplant' and I am trying to prepare myself a bit. Reading about how it is for you helps me learn. Thanks so much for doing this! As a fellow introvert, I can imagine blogging has some rather difficult moments.
    Thanks so much,
    Deborah in California

  4. Hi Patricia
    Your blog today really hit home with me. Especially the last paragraph which describes me as well. I've always been the invisible one. I guess that's why I read blogs but don't comment very often.
    I do want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. The pictures you post are always so beautiful and interesting. Also I love the stories and pictures of Chico.
    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jackie Martinez

  5. HI Barb, Thank you for the birthday wish and song. Inspiring. Good to hear from you again. I still have your things. Patricia

  6. Please contact me when you get here. Thanks for the birthday wish. Patricia

  7. Hi Deborah, Thank you for the birthday wish. I am glad you are reading my blog. If you decide to visit here, I hope you will contact me. Patricia

  8. Hi Jackie, Thank you for the birthday wish and for writing. Just remember, when people write comments, that is what keeps me going with the blog..... Patricia

  9. Hope you had a great day, Patricia! I love the "couches at the intersection" dream and your interpretation. I have been reading your blog for over a year, maybe two. I so appreciate the lovely pictures and comments...muchas gracias.
    Karen in VA

  10. Wish I was there to sing "Las Mananitas" (Mexican 'Happy Birthday')to you... or else hire you a personal Mariachi for the evening to sing whatever you wish!. Abrazos (hugs) from the Pacific NW. Gayle

  11. Hi Gayle, Thank you. I had a wonderful evening. Dinner with friends. Many laughs. Last year on my birthday I was in Portland with Marie..... Your friend, p

  12. Hi Karen, And I always enjoy your thoughtful comments. Thank you. Patricia