Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Morning Buffet at Salvador's Restaurant

Chico and I went out to the Sunday Buffet at Salvador's Restaurant this morning. It is the first time I have eaten their buffet for probably two years. Just too much food for me. But since my son, David Valdez, put a buffet on his facebook from a restaurant in Kansas I decided to have the one here today and take photos of it. So here goes. 
I ate out on the patio because Chico isn't allowed inside the restaurant.
Lots of fresh fruit juices and cut up fresh fruit and a delicious rice putting.
Eggs and I don't know what is behind that. I think it is nopals.
Bread and more Mexican dishes. 
More Mexican dishes. I really like the creamed chicken on the right.
 A photo showing better the size of the buffet. At the very end there is a woman who will cook you an omelet or waffles or pancakes, anything you want.
Someone always comes to play a guitar and sing during breakfast.
It is best to go there before ten in the morning. It gets extremely crowded. You can see a few of the bikers. Bikers love to ride up here for the buffet on Sundays from Guadalajara.
The photo above is of a few of the bikes that were there.   The meal costs 95 pesos now plus I tip him 20 pesos. Although he just brings me coffee. That is around 6.38 including the tip in American money. How about that David? 


  1. Many thanks Patricia for sharing your Saturday with us. I always enjoy your photos of life Lakeside.

  2. HI Nannette, thank you for writing. I appreciate that, knowing my posts are giving people some enjoyment. P

  3. The buffet looks wonderful and the price incredible for the selections!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I second Nanette's comment! Your photos and posts give a real taste of the flavour of life at Lake Chapala. We are looking forward to our arrival in November.

    1. Hi Deborah, Maybe we can have coffee together when you come. Let me know. P

  5. Thanks for commenting Phyllis. I usually don't buy it because I think it is too expensive. It is all relative. P