Sunday, June 4, 2017

Morning Thoughts--looking through old photos

Painted up for the Day of the Dead. 

Three children waiting for the parade to start.
The sandwich shop around the corner from the Ajijic Plaza.
Wednesday morning market. This Mexican farmer had brought in a truck load of watermelons. I guess the expat behind him was just curious. 
This is Charlotte. Daughter of the owner of the restaurant, El Focon De Charlotte.
Chico is in my lap, looking at all the people in the Ajijic Plaza. No. I think he is looking at the German Shepherd by a man's chair. 
A couple and their baby, waiting for a parade.
Water lily at the Lake Chapala Society.
A friend, laughing after she got flour thrown on her at a parade.
The church at night during Christmas time, near the Ajijic Plaza.
My friend and house sitter, Allison. Chico loves her.
A grandma with her grandbaby at Salvador's restaurant one morning. 
A painting in a market in Tlaquepaque.

I was feeling down this morning after getting so upset over the garbage close to my house, so I decided to flip through my thousands of photos for a lift. The news from England made me feel awfully petty about my complaining. There is so much evil in the world. Why would people stab strangers in the name of their GOD?   Really????   It is a crazy world. 

So I sat here, looking through my photos and picked out some of my favorite ones. They have been on my blog already but I needed something uplifting for this morning. And one last photo that I took several years ago. Because I want to focus on love and happiness, not hate and destruction. I want children like these, everywhere, to be able to grow up in a safe world. I wonder if that will be possible. 

Boys sitting on the street in San Juan Cosala.


There was another child. An older girl. There wasn't enough room for her to sit with her family. So she sat across the aisle.  I love this photo. I want to focus on these faces, and everyone else in this post.  Not on the faces of evil in the world. 


  1. Sad that the world is in such turmoil---I agree that these families are beautiful . I have traveled all over the world and have found that the POOREST people seem to have the greatest smiles on their faces. I really have come to believe that MONEY and our obsession with it is the real root of all evil.

  2. Perfect post for today. Thank you.

  3. Caring for self and others shows in the loving smiles of those you have captured in your photos. Many thanks for sharing a part of the world that continues to Love.