Saturday, June 17, 2017

Morning Walk with Chico

It has been awhile since I got on the blog. We have all been a bit under the weather. I mean that literally and figuratively. First Chico got an infection and I have been taking him to the local vet's office every morning for an antibiotic shot. Since the vet will be closed tomorrow, I will have to give him a pill. Now that is going to be difficult. He is an expert at eating around pills and spitting them out. But he has two more days of antibiotics. After we went to the vet, I had breakfast out at Salvador's with him. They let dogs on their patio. But he only ate a few pieces of ham and was done. So I walked to the butcher shop for a piece of steak. Steaks in Mexico are usually too tough to eat so I bought a bottle of coke to cook with it in my slow cooker. It may take a couple of days to get soft. And who knows if Chico will eat it. Or Olive. Olive may act like she is starving but no matter what I give to her, she immediately turns her head away. She is getting skinny. She may be the next one to go to the vet. After I see the dentist.

I had half a root canal last week but it was infected. He told me to wait until next week to finish and call if it didn't get better. It didn't. I called and the woman in the office insisted that I had to go in to get the prescription. I said I couldn't do that. I was in too much pain and I didn't have the energy to walk down to the bus stop and go to the next town to their office. The other dentist called me and said she knew of one pharmacy that would deliver the antibiotics with just a phone call from her. So four hours later, he showed up with a box of them. Why did it take four hours to go a few miles? Well, his car broke down along the way. The cost of this was 60 pesos. I don't know the exact cost in American money now because our money is going down in value very quickly, but around four dollars. I gave him a forty peso tip and he was on his way. 

Finally, today I took a longer walk with Chico after his shot....  It is still very hot and muggy here now so we both came home exhausted. He didn't even want to sniff butts with potential friends.

Here are a few photos, starting out in my house, the hallway, and ending up with a photo of the handsome owner of the local grocery store where I bought the large bottle of coke. Not much happening around town now because it is the off season. I didn't even have a problem getting across the carretera. I didn't feel like I was taking my life in my hands just to cross the street. At the end of the high season here recently, three people were run over and killed while trying to cross that street. Remember, cars have the right of way here, but that doesn't mean that a car can run into a person and speed off while the woman's daughter and granddaughter are watching her die. That was one accident. And the man was never caught.

 I like it when the town is quiet. And I don't have to worry about getting killed while crossing that street. But it won't last long. Tomorrow is Sunday, and that is the day the people from Guadalajara, the Tapatios, flock into town. I might as well forget about crossing the street tomorrow. 
When I said "literally" under the weather, I meant that both Chico and I came home exhausted from the heat and humidity. He immediately got on his bed and went to sleep. I was drenched in sweat from the humidity..... but I had to cook for my animals. I promised myself that I would NEVER cook for animals. That dry food or canned food was good enough. Until I saw a program on netflix yesterday about what they put in all cat and dog food. No wonder my animals are sick! Terrible stuff. So now I am cooking for them.  We will see if they will eat my food. My son and daughter-in-law hate my cooking. They won't even taste what I cook. Now that hurts!   I hope my animals aren't like that....

Okay Eddie, here is my cluttered hallway......   Eddie (one of my long time readers)  has been hassling me about my house looking like a used furniture store. He is probably right but it is MY used furniture and I am attached to it. And who knows, maybe one day I will have a bigger house and I will have room for all the things that I like.
That is exactly what happened when I first bought all my wood furniture. I was living in a two room place. Now I have three rooms. Maybe one day I will have an entire house. So all this stuff is my affirmation that one day I will have a beautiful big house of my own. It is just part of my dreaming. We all need to have dreams. 
Across the street is a restaurant, Gossips, which is very popular with the expats, then the Grainery where I buy my spices and unsweetened chocolate. And next to that is the butcher shop.

I ran into this beautiful little girl and her mom and maybe her Aunt on my way up the street. They stopped so I could take the photograph. 
On the left side of the street is the local nursery.
Chico showed no interest in the dog. It might be a few more days before he is back to normal.

I just wanted to show how the mountains are already getting green from the few rains we have had recently.

My last stop at my local grocery store. The owner let me take his photo. He sells just about anything I need in there. Except the fresh beef and unsweetened chocolate. 

Because it is so hot and humid out there now, Chico and I will spend the rest of the day in the house. I haven't been swimming since Chico got sick. I didn't want to leave him alone. The cat certainly is no comfort to him. The only thing she does is sit close to him and stare at him, making him very uncomfortable. But maybe by Monday I can swim again. 


  1. Good to see you back on the blog---Iwas getting worried about you. ang onto your things you love. I have things from high school that mean something special TO ME. I think most of us tend to become part of the THROW AWAY SOCIETY. Part of the charm of Mexico to me is the old buildings and traditions of the People.

    I have decided that making yourself HAPPY is not selfishness but a pathway to Personal Peace and Contentment.

  2. Well I hope you both feel better soon. I like your house, it looks comfy.

  3. Thank you Larry. I agree with you one hundred percent. Your friend, p

  4. Larry, you are a very smart man. And, Patricia, we, too, live in a small house surrounded by things that all have meaning and a personal story. Wouldn't have it any other way.

    1. Hi Kathie, thanks for your comment and encouragement. P

  5. Here's to hoping that Chico feels better soon! As for a having a home that looks like a used furniture store, don't we all? Unless you live in a model home, or one brand-new and furnished by a decorator, we all have well-loved and well-used items around us. It's what makes a "home" and not just a house!

    1. Thank you Deborah. That was a very nice thing to write. P