Saturday, June 24, 2017

Morning Thoughts- Lunch at the Laguna Mall

The Laguna Mall is across the street from Walmart. It is in the shopping center, up a few stairs. The morning I was there it was quiet but on weekends it gets very busy. One of my favorite little lunch places is there, Subway. Not because of the healthy sandwiches, which I like but mainly because of the chocolate chip cookies. The woman who works there always heats one up for me. Decadent! 

I have been spending a lot of time around this shopping center lately because my dentist is in it, on the lower level. (Dr. Candy, and she is wonderful.) I can't even count the number of times I have already been there and I have two more visits to go. Besides seeing the dentist for extensive work on my one tooth, Chico was sick and I had to take him to the vet every morning for one week for an antibiotic shot. 

Chico is well but now Olive is sick. I took her to the vet and he said he couldn't see anything wrong with her. Unless she had a blood test and even then, nothing good could come out of it. It would be something major.  I had to put her through the horrible humiliation of having four of us hold her down while the vet stuck a long instrument deep inside her butt to get a test of her poop. She was furious and I don't blame her. I am surprised she forgave me for that experience. 

The only way I know that she is sick is because she has stopped eating. She is an old cat and the vet said that is an indication that organs are shutting down. I decided to just make her life as comfortable as possible until she passes away. Unless she looks like she is in pain, then I will be forced to put her down. That is the way I want to go. A natural death. No tubes sticking in me and certainly not held down by four giants so someone can stick long metal instruments inside of me. And if I am in lots of pain, I would want to be put down too. 

Changing the subject, which was way too grim to dwell on for long, it rained again last night. This morning it is cool and comfortable. I bought a new addition to my garden.  Photo below.
I love the expression on this little Buddha. So calm and accepting of everything and with a slight smile. This too will pass. Everything passes. All we can do is be as centered as we can in the midst of all the changes. 


  1. Pat,

    Sad to read about Olive's condition. Poor dear. I hope when the time comes that she is in no pain.

  2. Thank you Scott. I appreciate your concern. You are always there for me and Chico and Olive. P

  3. Oh no, poor Olive. I hope it's just a stomach upset and she'll start eating again. I agree about treating cats, they hate it too much. My cat let me know when she'd had enough and wanted to go. But such luck for Olive, she has someone who loves her so well. Best wishes, Jane.

    1. Thank you Jane, She ate a few bites today.Maybe she will get better. I appreciate your concern for her. P