Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday afternoon in the Ajijic Plaza with Chico

That boat ride looks like it might be fun. Maybe I will give them a call.

I don't know if the dog above was waiting for someone or sad or just enjoying the sunshine. No telling what goes through a dog's head. 
Above is the man who shines shoes. I don't know if that little boy is related to him or just talking to him but I liked the photo of them. The woman sitting nearby isn't with either of them.  She sells candy at her card table next to her.
Chico and maybe a new friend.

The children's art show is still up. I like these two the best so I took photos of them again. Hard to believe that a five year old did the first one.
 I love Sunday afternoons at the Ajijic Plaza. So many people are out and enjoying themselves. 

Chico is making another friend. 

Those are eggs on the cloth are filled with confetti. 

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