Saturday, May 27, 2017

Morning Thoughts

We had a storm last night. I don't know how long it lasted because I went to sleep. But this morning the air was cool, the birds were singing, roosters crowing, chickens clucking and my cat, Olive, was hysterical. I don't know what was wrong with her. She always sits happily in front of me while I type on my i pad but this morning she couldn't keep still. She went to the front window to look out, which she often does, but this time she was howling as if she were a prisoner inside a cage. I hope my neighbors didn't hear her and think that I was torturing her. Then she ran to the kitchen, then the living room again and then to the back bedroom and then the outside patio, still howling all the way. I went out to try to calm her down but she would have none of it.

I think maybe she was just freaked out because things were different. Everything outside was wet and cool. Some leaves were on the patio. She doesn't seem to like any kind of change. Neither do I so I understand her state of mind. Finally, she calmed down and then sat quietly, looking out the front window. She is okay now. But things are back to normal. No more wet streets. I swept up the leaves, and it is getting hot again. Hot and muggy. 

Maybe last night was the first night of the rainy season. Hard to tell because we have had a few rain storms in the past month. I remember that the American Legion once or maybe more than once took bets on when the rainy season would start. But that is a hard thing to measure. We have a few rains and then no rain. Then a few more. I think they finally stopped taking bets. 

My son and daughter-in-law are moving from Portland, Oregon to Overland Park, Kansas. In case you have never heard of that town, it is halfway between Kansas City, KS and Lawrence, KS. My son finished all his schooling to get his B.A. In Interdisciplinary Music and he is going to the University of Kansas to get his Ph.D. In Jazz in Lawrence, KS. He will also be a teaching assistant. He is excited. No more teaching beginning sax to children. (That is sax, not sex. Autocorrect, keep away from my words)  He will be teaching college students with experience and talent. And getting paid. (I got my degree in Interdisciplinary Art from the University of California in Santa Cruz in 1973. Now I can't even spell Interdisciplinary. I had to spell check to see if I had spelled it right. I had thought that all the Interdisciplinary  degrees had gone by the wayside. I am glad they are still around. People need to be more well rounded. I, for sure, am well rounded now---in my belly.) 

My daughter-in-law will be working at the VA hospital in Kansas. So Overland Park is just a thirty minute drive for each of them. Unless there is a tornado. But no reason for me to bring that up. It is my job as a mother to worry but also not to tell them that I worry. They are moving in a few days, out of Portland. Looks like I may never get back to Portland. Not sure if I will even make it to Kansas. I may go to Oaxaca in December. They are going to Oaxaca for a couple of weeks then. I will have to see if I have the energy to make that trip. (Anyone want to stay in my place while I am gone, to take care of Olive and Chico? Have Christmas in Ajijic? I can't afford to pay for a sitter but I will pay the rent and utilities.) I haven't gone anywhere further than San Blas for several years now. But I miss my family. One of the very few disadvantages of living in Mexico..... Missing family. 

I think this is Memorial Day weekend in the United States. If so, Happy Memorial Day to all of you living up NOB. Everyday is a holiday for me here so I can't keep up with the holidays up there. 

Olive, the prisoner, looking out my front window.

Chico, awake and looking out the window.

Very Blurry photo of a hummingbird sitting on my ceiling fan before finally finding it's way back outside. I must have taken thirty photos of that hummingbird flying around but only managed to get this one. Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of a flying hummingbird with a cheap camera? 


  1. Wishing your son and daughter-in-law an easy move; as easy as moves can be! Never been to Kansas, or Oregon, for that matter. But it sounds like a good move for them. My sister teaches music at a university in AL. Today she was up here in VA and got to see one of her former private lesson students play in a military band at one of the Memorial Day ceremonies here. He started lessons with her in middle school. So you never know where your teaching will end...
    Have a great week,
    Karen in VA

  2. Hi Karen, good to hear from you again. I hope you and your sister are having a great Memorial Day. Thanks for the good wishes for me and my family. It must be nice to spend time with your sister. P

  3. Great article Patricia. Very funny - lol

    1. Thank you Pat. After I wrote it I thought that my sense of humor was pretty bad. A bad sense of humor is hard to read. I guess I have been watching too many Stand up comedians on Netflix lately. Your friend, p