Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lunch with Emily at the American Legion in Chapala

Emily looking great. What a nice smile she has. 
This is my fish Veracruz. Below is what Emily had. Fish with Garlic on it.
I love the food at the American Legion. I wish it wasn't such a long bus trip for me to get there or I would go more often. The buses are too hot and crowded these days to do it more than once a week or so. Also, yesterday I posted on their bulletin board in the back patio a list of helpers in case you need someone to take you areound. Three of them will stay in the hospital with you while you are there, which I believe is a must. And the other three will just drive you to appointments and interpret. All these people speak Spanish and English. Except Ellie. I wrote here name on the bottom of the list because she is a great cook and cleaner, even though she doesn't speak English she knows what needs to be done and she does it. 

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