Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Morning Thoughts--Dog Days at the Ajijic Plaza

First off, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for all the mothers living in Mexico. Because today is Mexico's Mother's Day. I woke up to the sound of a band playing down the street in front of someone's house. It may have been a Mother's Day gift. That is one way people give to loved ones, hiring a band to play in front of their house every early in the mornings. I took a photo from a distance.
It is very blurry because of such low resolution but you get the idea. They made a lot of noise, enough for me to hear them two blocks away.

The rest of the photos were taken yesterday morning at the Ajijic Plaza. And Dog Days is a good name for the time when I was there. Very hot. And lots of dogs sleeping or running around.
They are working on the restaurant, remodeling the kitchen. So the dogs have taken over the patio.
Too hot to move.
This dog was too hot and tired to get up and sniff at Chico.

 Chico made a new friend.

At least all the dogs ignored the people walking by. They are a happy group because the butcher shop on the plaza gives them bones every morning.

The photo above and below are of a stand that was set up to sell real and artifical flowers for Mother's Day.
The children in the photo below were buying some of the flowers. I liked the expressions on their faces, filled with love for the person who was going to get their flowers. Most likely, their mothers.

The person in the photo below was selling roses.

I love the carrot cake at the coffee shop. I was going to take a photo of it before I started eating but I forgot. It was too good to think about photos when it arrived. It has real creme cheese on the top. 
Thinking of mothers. Here is one, sitting with her little girl in the plaza. You can also see one of the drawings done by a child here. There is an exhibit of their art works in the plaza now. I really like that one.

I am going to the market this morning. One of the swimming pools is closed for repairs in the spa and I imagine it will be too crowded to do laps today. Especially because it is Mother's Day.  Holidays are big spa days.  I imagine that the market will also be crowded today. But it is always a fun walk for Chico. Lots of people stop and pet him at the market and there are so many interesting smells and sounds. Sometimes we have breakfast out on the patio at Salvador's so we can watch all the action. 


  1. And a happy mother's day to you as well. It sure is a pretty place you live in...

  2. A very happy, belated Mother's Day to you! My wife and I arrived in Ajijic last night for our first visit. This morning we walked to the malecón and up to the plaza for x coffee and cookies. I recognized many scenes from your pictures. The flowers are really beautiful! Thanks Patricia 😀

    1. Thank you and welcome to Ajijic. If you See me and Chico, please stop and say hi. P