Monday, May 8, 2017

Morning Thoughts

I was looking through my thousands of photos and came upon some that I took at my other house. Lots and lots of sunsets and some sunrises. This is one of them. The only thing I really miss at this place is seeing the sunsets and sunrises. They are so spectacular at the lake. But I am living in an alley, downstairs with no views. All I can see out my window in the front is a brick wall and in the back is my garden. Can't see any sunsets from either place. I can't see the lake either. But if I were given the choice, ( Which I wasn't) I would take the kitchen and give up the view.  Maybe one day I will move again and in the next place have a view AND a kitchen.....  

It is still hot here, no rains yet. I am going to the spa in a few minutes. I just wanted to put on this photo for old times sake.   


  1. Wow, looks like a fire, spectacular.

    I agree, views are a bonus, a functional home is the priority. In theory, you can always go out to watch the sunset. Also, sunset/lake view usually involves lots of stairs. My new place is on ground level, I'm no longer willing to carry cat litter up 3 flights!


  2. Hi Jane, yes, I also had stairs. And I fell down them once. Messed up my knee for almost a year. Not worth it for a sunset. Thanks for writing. P

  3. Beautiful view, but I wouldn't be happy without a kitchen. And you have a lovely garden where you live now. I can still see the sunrise from my window, but eventually that will be gone with all the building that is going on.

    1. Hi Donna, Thanks for writing. Yes, I do have a nice garden and it is good that the animals can come and go anytime they want. I am sorry there is so much building going on near your house. It is a beautiful home and I loved your garden. Your friend, p