Friday, May 19, 2017

Guadalajara Reporter article about 116 year old Mexican Woman

I couldn't resist putting this story on my blog. Above is a photo of the photo in one of the recent Guadalajara Reporters. It was about Maria Felix Nava. She was born in 1900. She was cut off from her stipend for seniors here because she lived too long. Their cut off  time was 110 years old. I guess they never figured that anyone would live past that but she is still alive and going strong. In July of this year, she will be 117. Well, we all know how any government works and all the red tape. Finally her money was reinstated and the director of the program actually went to her place to give her card back to her. She looks GREAT for her age. But who knows what 116 is supposed to look like? Not enough people live long to make comparisons. 

My friend just wrote on my facebook where I had put this information that Reuters also wrote about Maria. They had some color photos of her and information about her life. If you would like to see that article, you can just put this in google and it is the first story that comes up: Reuters Mexico Mexican bank intervenes after woman.    This article said that the pay for elderly people here is 63 dollars a month. Can't go too far on that. She had a great attitude. She said she has been poor all her life and is still poor. Money meant nothing to her. 

 The oldest person in the world is 117 so next July she will join that special place. 


  1. What a story for this lady! So glad the government did the right thing.

    1. Hi Scott, Good to hear from you again. Yes, I too am glad they finally decided to give her back her 63 dollars a month. Maybe it will buy her more candy to sell. P