Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Walk in Chapala

I took these photos on my way to the American Legion to have Fish Veracruz with my friend Emily. I walked along the Main Street to the malecon and then on the side street on the left side of the malecon.
That big brick building was once a hotel. Now it is the government building.

Local coffee shop.



Above is the Braniff house which is a restaurant now. 
The gate to the Braniff house. I took some more photos of the beautiful iron work on the gates and fences in the houses here.


  1. This sure looks like a nice town. Hopefully we will be able to visit there this winter...

  2. HI Peter, Thanks for writing again. I think that hotel across from the malecon looks nice. Hotel Villa San Francisco. Great location if it isn't on weekends when it is so crowded on the malecon. Let me know when you visit, maybe we can have coffee. P

  3. Thank you for these photos- they really give a sense of Ajijic. I love doors & ironwork too!

    1. Thank you Deborah for commenting. So nice to know that my blog is being enjoyed. Happy Mother's Day. P