Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Morning Thoughts

Once again, my computer had to go to the repair shop. This time it was the battery. It cost me almost a hundred dollars to buy a new generic one. The Mac battery would have been twice that. So it is home now and I can write once again.

 Continuing to put money into this six year old computer reminds me of all the years that I owned old cars. I couldn't afford to buy new ones so I would keep putting money into the old ones, always hoping each repair would last for awhile. Of course, they never lasted. Before long, I was putting out even more money for repair bills. I am so happy to not own a car now and I hope I am never again in a situation where I have to buy one. And I am not paying for any more repairs on this old computer. Next time it breaks down, I am going to buy a new MacBook Air.

We are now in Semana Santa and the town is full of new people, mostly Mexicans. Many of them are from Guadalajara. I can always tell the Tapatios (that is what the Guadalajara people call themselves.) because they have big city ways and they wear expensive clothes. The women love to wear high heals, even with their shorts. And they spend lots of money which is a good thing for the local economy.

It is getting hot here now in the afternoons. The Jacaranda trees are still in bloom. It is beautiful this time of year. I can understand why people come here for Easter week. I feel so lucky that I get to live here all the time. I am also happy to have my computer back and be writing on this blog again.

I just put 645 photos on my computer from my camera. That is how many I have taken since my computer went down. So I have a lot of sorting to do before I put them on the blog. 

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