Saturday, March 21, 2015

Morning Thoughts--A Good Life

It is getting nice here again. I am enjoying walking around town. Chico is too. He loves it when he sees the leash in my hands. I am so lucky to have these two loving animals in my life. Of course, the cat doesn't like to walk. She likes to sleep. She sleeps all day and then roams around half the night. I think she has a boyfriend.

He comes around here and sprays on the outside of my sliding glass door and then it seeps into the house and my curtains. I am always having to wash them to get that smell out. But it never leaves. I don't know if this male cat is wild or belongs to someone but I wish it would go away. Sometimes I want to strangle him because he yawls very loudly. All the time.

There are lots of dogs and cats in this neighborhood. I just heard a donkey braying out there and the birds are singing up a storm. The little dog next door barks most of the day and Chico does his fair share of barking too. He loves our new home because there is a narrow walkway upstairs that goes along two sides of the house. He likes to stick his head out between the bars of the fence and look down on people walking down the street. He barks at everything that moves. This place is so much more interesting for him than our old place where he couldn't see outside of our yard.

I like it better here too. I like all the activity on the street. Especially on weekends. People come out in the evenings and socialize on the street corners. A woman also sells tamales on the corner. A big cement bench is there too that is often being used. Music drifts up from all over town. Everyday cars and trucks come around blasting out their wares and announcing events through loud speakers. And many people walk around doing the same thing just by yelling. Pescado. aguacates, naranjas, etc.

I can't think of anywhere else in the world that I would rather live.  Mazatlan doesn't do it for me. Too big. Too expensive. Too much of a gap between the Mexicans and the expats. I like the integration of my neighborhood. Expats and Mexicans. Music. Life!

My needs are simple. Sunshine. Friends. Good food. Clean air. Beautiful places to walk. Affordable. It is a GOOD LIFE for me here. And for Chico. And Olive (even though I don't approve of her boyfriend who constantly yawls around here and sprays on my sliding glass door.)

P.S. Peggy, one of my readers and a friend,  just wrote to me that I should spray the outside of my sliding glass door with chili powder water. It doesn't hurt the cat but will make him stop spraying on it. Thank you Peggy. I am going to do that right now.


  1. I love what how you say, "My needs are simple. Sunshine. Friends. Good food. Clean air. Beautiful places to walk. Affordable. It is a GOOD LIFE for me here." That sounds divine. I can't wait to embrace life in Mexico as I long to create a life where I feel the same. It made me smile to read this. I think your new life and surroundings sound like heaven.

  2. Hi Barbara, Thanks for writing. I am glad you are in agreement with me about what is important in life. p

  3. Your new home does seem so much better. A simple life can be good. I'm glad you are happy. Hoping to visit there within the next year or so to see if it is where I might find a spot to belong to.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes, come and see if this is the spot for you. P

  4. I am so happy for you to be in a better housing situation than what you were in before, easy access to shopping and getting out n about for you, more action by your home and you might even learn Spanish now that you are in a better mixed neighborhood! As for Olive and her male interested party, could it be that she hasn't been spayed? Seems to me the male cat wouldn't be interested if she was. I can't stand it when dogs or cats spray! Cats are the worst odor though, just nastiness, and very hard to get the odor out of anything! So good luck with that one!