Friday, March 20, 2015

My Favorite Fish Restaurant

This is the view out the open door. One in the afternoon. Children are walking home from school.
Entrance to the restaurant
It is next door to the Min Wah.
Shrimp Hamburger
This is a baby Praying Mantis on her arm. You can hardly see it. She found it on the floor.


  1. Thanks for commenting. You will be here soon enough. But I am guessing this month will go by very slowly for you up there. p

  2. It is in upper Ajijic, next door to Min Wah restaurant. p

  3. Do you know the street? Don't know where Min Wah's restaurant is?

  4. Hi Jennilynn, Yes, it is a great restaurant. I hope they can stay in business. Thanks for your comment. p