Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Secret Garden Restaurant in Ajijic

John has been treating me to lunches while we have been walking all over the place, looking at rentals for him. Today we were celebrating because we finally found one that he liked. I just happened to walk into the Roma Realty office this morning. They had ONE rental in his price range. We went out, saw it, and we both fell in love with the place. He signs the papers tomorrow. What a relief to have finally found something. It is the high season here and inexpensive places are really hard to come by. It was a good day! The meal was delicious.


  1. please take & post some photos of the interior/exterior of homes/apts/condos? maybe list their going rates? I know this isn't your job but ... we're all so darn CURIOUS about what a monthly rent will buy!

    ps: John sounds like a stand-up dude; buying you lunches is the RIGHT thing to do.
    pps: unlike MY friend who had to leave without paying for breakfast!!!
    ppps: take John out dancing!

  2. Hi Gayle, I was just thinking about you, wondering if I had made the WRONG decision to not go over there. It is so COLD over here right now. I am finishing my fm3 application today. I don't want to post places I have seen on the blog because I feel it is an invasion of the privacy of the owners. Mostly we have only been looking at rooms for rent and that seems more private. The only apts. have been the two I have already put online.