Friday, January 22, 2010

Evening Walk to La Nueva Posada With Chico

Chico and I walked to La Nueva Posada yesterday at sunset. It was a warm and clear evening. I looked in the window and Anita was having a party with a few friends. The mariachis were playing and they were dancing. She saw me and invited me inside. I put Chico up to the window and she motioned for him to come in with me. I didn't get to talk with her or stay long because Chico HATES the mariachis. Anita brought them to my little casita on my birthday in September and he had a fit. Too much noise for his very sensitive ears. So in the restaurant he started to growl and bark at them. That was enough for them to make sounds just for him, whistles and other high pitched noises. It was all too much for him so I left and we walked on home by way of the beach. I hadn't seen Anita for a couple of months. She showed me a band aid on her forehead. She recently fell on the cobblestones and had to have three stitches. Those cobblestones are dangerous. I am always meeting people who have fallen here. I fell last year in my own yard and fractured my wrist in two places. It happens very quickly. I didn't get to take any photos of the party because I had to hold Chico down. He was ready to attack those terrible mariachis.

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