Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Lunch at the Jardin Restaurant in the Ajijic Plaza

Above is Judy. She is taking care of her grandson. She home schools him. I have great admiration for what she is doing. She is very loving to him. Lucky boy.

Danny, Judy's grandson, is in the above photo.

Above is Ginger. She is here for a few months staying with Danny and Judy.

Above is my friend Judi. She lives in the apartment above Danny, Judy and Ginger.

Danny is getting his beautiful cowboy boots polished.

Above is the chicken curry salad at the Jardin Restaurant and it is delicious.

The above photo was taken in the plaza. These are painted tin 3-D pictures. Very nice.


  1. Hello im Donna from australia...I love reading your blog and seeing how and where other people live. Love your photos..

  2. Hi Donna, Thank you so much for your praise. It is always a treat for me to hear from readers. That is what keeps me going with this blog. Sometimes I check on the map to see where people reading my blog are logging in from and now if I see Australia, I will think about you. Patricia