Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lunch at the Boston Deli

Yesterday afternoon John took me out to lunch again. We went to my favorite restaurant, the Boston Deli. I introduced him to Gigi. John had been craving vegetables and Gigi piled them on our plates. My friend Chito and his group came in and played my favorite song for us, Chapala. It is a beautiful song. Seems like every town in Mexico has at least one song about it. We also met the woman in the photo above. Her name is Emily. She is from Texas. John is from Texas. They had a friend in common. Small world. I have met many people from Texas here. There is even a club for them at the American Legion. It is called the Lone Star Club. Anyone is welcome to go to it. I have never gone. But I am not from Texas. I was born in Arkansas, raised in California.

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