Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Laguna Bed and Breakfast

I met Dale today and took him to the Laguna Bed and Breakfast. It is one of the least expensive Bed and Breakfast places in town. It is very quiet and clean. I think Dale liked it.

The dining room at the Laguna. They have good breakfasts. I have eaten there.

The back yard at the Laguna.

I took this photo of the shy dog on the way to the Laguna. I hope the owners don't expect this to be their watch dog.


  1. Patricia,

    Enjoy your pictures and comments! I brings back great memories of the three months I house sat at different
    home in and around Ajijic. I'm thinking of coming again sometime the later part of August. Right now we're too busy digging out from under the deep snow blanket that continues to fall.


  2. Hi Dj, Thank you. Sorry you are stuck up there in the snow. It is so beautiful here. Come back when you can and look me up. Patricia